Ironbark Honey
Ironbark Honey

500g – $11.40 (GST free)

Native Australian Ironbark Honey is a mild, dense, distinct honey from the blossoms of Ironbark tree found in abundance on the east coast of Australia. A family of eucalypt trees with rough furrowed bark and durable timber. Farmers best!

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The Native Australian range of honey

Our honeys come from specially selected areas in the regions of Australia’s vast mountain ranges. The dew fall is heavier in these areas, producing a superior class of clear, crisp and flavoursome honey. A healthy natural alternative to processed sugars are artificial sweeteners. Australian honeys are uniquely eucalypt and are considered some of the highest quality in the world. Eucalypts in particular help give the honey it's distinctive taste and density.

What makes honey so nutritious and beneficial to the diet?

  • Honey is considered one of nature’s finest energy giving foods
  • It is made up of 35% protein and contains half of all the amino acids
  • Honey is a highly concentrated source of many essential nutrients, including large amounts of carbohydrates (sugars), some minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, B–complex vitamins and vitamins C, D and E.

What are the healing benefits of using Honey?

  • Honey is an excellent source of promoting energy and healing.
  • It is also considered a natural antiseptic and is good for wounds and burns.
  • Honey is an excellent source of adding to vitamins and minerals to the diet.

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