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Operating since 1997, Native Australian is a 100% privately owned and operated Australian company based in Sydney, Australia. Native Australian strives to lead their customers towards optimum health and vitality by supplying premium quality natural supplements.

Living in today’s hectic, stressful and polluted environment, we are depriving the body of essential nutrients which impairs our normal bodily functions and weakens our immune systems. If we do not change our attitudes towards our own health and that of our family, we will continue to suffer from degenerative health conditions. In response to this state of modern living, our philosophy at Native Australian is to promote good nutrition and wellbeing through natural health supplements.

Knowing that the human body is compatible with healing substances found in nature, many of the natural supplements in the Native Australian range support the natural healing powers of the body, as well as acting as fuel for your body to ensure that you function to your full capacity.

The Australian government imposes some of the strictest regulations regarding complementary medicines in Australia, therefore the Native Australian natural supplements are manufactured to the highest standard possible, in order to meet the pharmaceutical code of good manufacturing practice (GMP). All products undergo a series of vigorous laboratory testing both before and after manufacture. All of the Native Australian natural health supplement product range is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for local and export markets.

Native Australian takes pride in the quality of its natural health supplements. It is our aim to provide the purest and highest quality health products available to support optimum health, nutrition and wellbeing.

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New Products!

Colostrum Milk Tablets
Made from natural bovine colostrum collected from certified BSE free, grade A pasture fed cows. These great tasting, chewable tablets are rich in protein, calcium and naturally occuring antibodies known as immunoglobulins (IgG), which are thought to be beneficial in improving the immune system.

Manuka Honey Drops
Made from 100% pure bio-active Manuka honey (dehydrated) with a certified NPA (non-peroxide activity) rating of 12+. They contain no added ingredients, preservatives or additives. These pleasant tasting drops dissolve in the mouth.

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